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Childbirth Education


There are multiple factors that women need to consider when having a baby and beginning the childbirth process. Patients will want to prepare ahead of time with choices that involve changing lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking. Once pregnant, the woman has to decide whether or not she wants anesthetic during the birth. We can also help to recognize the signs of high-risk pregnancy.


A natural birth refers to a birth that does not use any medications. Since there is a lot of pain involved with childbirth, many women choose to have an epidural or other form of anesthesia. An epidural is one of the most common pain relief options for women in labor. While this pain relief option can offer women a virtually pain-free delivery, there are side effects that every woman needs to be aware of before choosing to have an epidural, including the ability for it to affect the newborn.

Deciding to have a natural birth can give a new mom a strong feeling of empowerment as she is in complete control of her body. A natural birth allows the woman to be an active participant when delivering her newborn. Other pain management options that one can utilize for a natural birth include breathing exercises, visualization techniques and self-hypnosis techniques.

A vaginal birth occurs when a baby is delivered through the birth canal, coming out of the vagina. A vaginal delivery is often the preferred birth method as it often offers patients a quicker recovery time, which means a shorter stay in the hospital. There is also a lower risk of infection and respiratory problems for the newborn.

When going through this normal birth process new mothers can expect to recover in about 10 days. This amount of time is pretty impressive given what a new mom’s body has been going through for the past nine months.


A cesarean section, C-section, also known as a cesarean delivery, is a surgical delivery process where an physician delivers a baby through an incision in the lower stomach area of the mother. According to MedlinePlus, nearly one in three pregnant women has a C-section now, when compared to a vaginal birth. While a medical professional may plan for some C-sections, they may perform others when an unexpected emergency arises during the delivery process.

Beyond needing a repeat c-section, the main reasons why a pregnant mother would require a C-section is because she is currently experiencing some personal health problems, she is carrying more than one baby, the size or the position of the baby is not conducive to a vaginal delivery, the baby’s health for one reason or another is in jeopardy and/or the labor simply is not moving along as it should be.

Dr. Stillson is trained to perform c-setions.


Having a high-risk OB pregnancy means that there is a higher chance of both the mother and baby experiencing pregnancy-related health issues. When a woman is pregnant, her body will be going through a number of physical and emotional changes for the next nine months. Any health problems during this time have the ability to create a high-risk pregnancy, making it essential for all pregnant women to seek regular obstetric services.

If a woman is going through a high-risk pregnancy, it is essential that she has access to obstetrical services. We can provide the necessary services that we customize to the patient’s needs. High-risk pregnancy issues can include:

  • A mother having diabetes before getting pregnant
  • Gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes that forms when a woman is pregnant
  • A previous miscarriage
  • Problems in the developing baby
  • Smoker or illegal drugs
  • Preeclampsia-Gestational Hypertension

Dr. Stillson has training and experience with caring for both low-risk and moderate-risk patients. Based on his experience and the needs of both you and your newborn, he will arrange for consultation and support from our team of both local and regional maternity experts to support your pregnancy. He will be there to guide you through you and your baby’s safety in mind. Should your pregnancy needs exceed the support services at our local hospital in Plymouth, he will transfer your care to specialty OB providers in South Bend-Mishawaka or Indianapolis. According to the UCSF Medical Center, only about 7 percent of pregnancies are considered to be high-risk.


An unplanned pregnancy can be stressful. If the unplanned pregnancy is a welcome surprise, then this is absolutely great news for the family. But when an unplanned pregnancy occurs and the woman is not sure what she wants to do, talking with family, friends and/or loved ones can often help.

When there is no one to turn to, or when some pregnancy advice is needed, then contacting a health care professional is highly recommended. No one should be alone when they are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. For counseling or a free pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy click here to contact a local Women’s Care Center.

About Our Services

Primary Care

Dr. Stillson & Dr. Witt are able to provide all the wellness care needs for the entire family from mom to dad to children. Additionally, they provide a host of minor surgical, skincare, fracture care, joint injections, and all types of acute care all in the same convenient location. They will help coordinate your connection to any local and regional specialist that is needed for your medical conditions.

Obstetrical Services


Having a baby? Congratulations! What a wonderful and exciting time this is for you and your loved ones. When you are expecting a baby, one of the first things you need to do is to make sure that you have access to professional obstetrical care, which includes prenatal care, childbirth and postpartum care. This makes finding a physician one of the most important steps you can take to make sure that your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible.


Obstetrical services include a variety of health-related services that focus on the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum period for pregnant women. The following is a list of obstetrical services that we offer:

  • Routine prenatal care
  • Childbirth planning
  • Labor and delivery care
  • High-risk pregnancy care
  • Postpartum care
  • Family planning

Obstetrical care plays a significant role in all stages of pregnancy. Medical professionals who work in the field of obstetrics purely focus on providing medical care for pregnant women before, during and after birth. Finding a health care provider who can inform pregnant women on the necessary steps to ensure the child is healthy is the most important step to becoming a mother.

The fact that a physician is able to help prevent any potential pregnancy complications makes it essential for all pregnant women to seek these services as soon as possible. We can provide these services along with support and advice as necessary. Some of the specific care aspects of obstetrics include:

  • Prenatal care services
  • Understanding the signs that a woman is approaching labor, which is not always dependent on contractions
  • Knowing when it is healthy and necessary to induce labor if any complications arise
  • Knowing when to provide pain relief as well as what type of pain relief drugs are best for each patient
  • Understanding the need to make a decision if something goes wrong during childbirth, requiring a cesarean section delivery
  • Providing the postpartum care that every new mother and newborn child need for a good start in life

Also known as a pregnancy doctor, a family practice OB is a type of doctor who has had focused training in a woman’s reproductive system. In Dr. Stillson’s case he has completed a Fellowship in Obstetrics that allows him to perform C-sections and provide some higher risk OB services. Their job is to monitor the health of the soon-to-be mom and the unborn baby in order to make sure that the pregnancy is going as expected.

We strive to create a bond of trust with each patient so they feel they can trust us full-heartedly. We also provide services that are compassionate, thoughtful, friendly, reliable, considerate, gentle, good-natured, well-spoken and welcoming.

A one-stop shop for all your medical needs, a family physician is trained in primary care, maternal care and pediatric care. This means he or she can serve as your OB provider, and when the time comes, your baby’s pediatrician. This comprehensive family care in the context of a trusted relationship is what patient’s love about seeing a family physician for their OB care. A family physician might be right for you if… you want a doctor who’s continually invested in all aspects of your health and your family.


Routine prenatal care is considered preventive health care every pregnant woman needs access to prenatal care services in order to ensure that both she and her unborn baby are in good health during every step of the pregnancy. With regular visits, we can perform a physical examination to make sure that the mom is doing well and the unborn baby is healthy. We will also perform weight checks, take urine samples and blood tests, if necessary.

Our quality prenatal care includes genetic testing, discovering the sex of your baby (if you desire), and diagnostic ultrasound(s). An ultrasound is an imaging test that allows health professionals evaluate a baby’s growth and development. The sooner we find any potential issues during a pregnancy, the better it is for both mother and baby. According to The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, getting early and regular prenatal care greatly improves the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

About Our Services

Primary Care

Dr. Stillson & Dr. Witt are able to provide all the wellness care needs for the entire family from mom to dad to children. Additionally the provide a host of minor surgical, skin care, fracture care, joint injections, and all types of acute care all in the same convenient location. They will help coordinate your connection to any local and regional specialist that are needed for your medical conditions.

Postpartum, Lactation, & Newborn Care


Postpartum and Lactation care are more important than many people realize. A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes when she is pregnant and will continue to change after she has given birth. Even though postpartum care tends to only last about six weeks after a woman gives childbirth, there are many changes in the body that directly affect her hormones. These changes make postpartum care an essential part of every woman’s health plan.


Adjusting to life after giving birth to a baby is going to be both exciting and challenging. While new mothers will definitely experience a number of new changes during this particular time, mothers who already have children will also be experiencing changes, too. Physical changes that tend to occur when new moms are recovering from childbirth can include vaginal bleeding that lasts for about two weeks, contractions/cramping, sore breasts (from producing milk) and thinning hair.

Postpartum care involves making sure that the new mom:

  • Gets plenty of rest
  • Gets any help she needs and when she needs it
  • Makes healthy eating choices
  • Gets a good amount of exercise everyday

There is a difference between postpartum depression and postpartum blues. Those who are suffering from postpartum depression need to understand that it is not their fault. The physiological/hormonal changes to the body after childbirth are the reason behind postpartum depression. This makes postpartum care especially important for new moms who are experiencing at least one of the following feelings after giving birth:

  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Impatience
  • Disappointment
  • Restlessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Fatigue or exhaustion
  • Mood swings
  • Sadness or crying for no apparent reason

Feeling any of the emotions above can be completely normal unless they begin to interfere with the new mom’s quality of life. Seeking professional advice can be extremely beneficial when it comes to understanding and potentially finding a solution for postpartum depression. Diagnosing postpartum depression is essential to the overall health and well-being of a new mom and her baby.


Breastfeeding is highly encouraged and supported for you and your newborn. Baby-friendly breastfeeding education will be given to you throughout your pregnancy at Stillson & Witt’s office. Our staff has been specially certified in breast feeding care and will help you through this process. A Lactation consultation will arranged for you if needed. Our favorite online resource for breastfeeding support can be found here.


Newborn care in the hospital requires a health care professional to perform a few tests on the baby to make sure that they are in good health. The Apgar test is a routine evaluation allowing an obstetrics team to fully understand the overall condition of the newborn in a matter of minutes. Other types of care a newborn will receive right after delivery include eye drops, a hearing test and a vitamin K shot.

While bringing home a new baby is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in people’s lives, taking care of a newborn can be quite intimidating as every newborn is going to need a lot of care. For the most part, this is going to include a lot of feedings, a lot of diaper changes and a lack of sleep, especially in the first few months.

The entire staff at Stillson & Witt will be pleased to provide newborn care for you growing family right here at the same location that you received your prenatal care.


High-quality women’s health services are essential when it comes to women being able to efficiently take care of their overall health. This includes having access to the services women need when they are expecting a new baby. Making sure an expectant mom has access to the quality health care services she needs when pregnant is absolutely essential to a successful outcome for both the mom and baby.

Our women’s health services also include family planning services, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state is one of the 10 great public health achievements of the twentieth century. When couples take the time to plan out how many children they are going to have and when, it tends to result in significant improvements in their health, social and economic well-being.

About Our Services

Primary Care

Dr. Stillson & Dr. Witt are able to provide all the wellness care needs for the entire family from mom to dad to children. Additionally the provide a host of minor surgical, skin care, fracture care, joint injections, and all types of acute care all in the same convenient location. They will help coordinate your connection to any local and regional specialist that are needed for your medical conditions.

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