As your due date approaches, you start to notice more new changes in your body. You’re having trouble sleeping, your back pain has increased, and you feel like no matter how much time and effort you put in, the house will never actually be baby-ready. Though these factors are not exactly pleasant, you can take comfort in knowing they are there for a reason; to warn your body that you are about to go into labor.


While it’s common knowledge that the water may break when labor starts, there are several other indicators that will come before this step to alert you that labor is about to begin. Some of these early signs include the symptoms mentioned above, as well as tightening in the stomach, a greater frequency of contractions, and increased bowel movements. You may also notice the baby has dropped lower, as breathing becomes easier and the pressure moves away from the diaphragm. These indicators may signify that your body is preparing for labor to start within the range of a few days to a few weeks.


Then one day, you wake up to contractions of a greater intensity that last longer and occur in shorter intervals. They do not subside with movement, and it becomes difficult to hold a conversation. These signals are more intense and may be your body’s way of revealing that labor has already begun. From here, your water may break, and the contractions will be stronger and shorter apart.


Experiencing any or all of these changes may mean you are about to go into labor. Though it is normal for this time to be accompanied by some nerves, it is also a time of great excitement, knowing you’ll get to meet your baby soon!


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