Nobody likes being sick. But there’s something even worse than falling victim to the cold or flu bug: being sick while you’re pregnant. And since the immune system actually becomes less productive when you’re pregnant, it’s more important than ever to take the necessary preventative measures to avoid getting sick. Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of staying healthy:


  1. Eat healthy. You’re probably sick of reading this from me, but your diet matters. A lot. The vitamins and nutrients that you receive from food is vital in keeping your immune system supported.


  1. Wash your hands. This one is common knowledge, however, it doesn’t make it any less important. Get in the habit of washing your hands, especially when you’re at work or any public place. Simple tricks like keeping anti-bacterial wipes or hand sanitizer in your purse or car is a great way to avoid getting sick.


  1. Take prenatals regularly. We already know prenatal vitamins contain high levels of folic acid and iron, but they also contain vitamin C and other immune-boosting vitamins. 


  1. Prioritize resting. A steady and healthy sleep schedule is directly related to improving your immune system. The more energy you conserve by resting is more energy that your immune system can use to fight off illnesses. So take naps, sleep in, and put off those dishes until tomorrow. Or even better, have someone else do them!

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