Mothers who have had a Cesarean delivery with a previous child might be concerned with having a second C-section. Repeat C-sections do come with some unique risks, and therefore many women elect to have vaginal birth after Cesarean (known as VBAC). However, VBAC is not an option for everyone, as it also comes with major concerns such as rupturing the uterus and having a hysterectomy. So, if both procedures come with their own set of risks, how do you choose? First of all, the most important thing to remember is that the choice is yours. Each individual situation is unique; and therefore, you should discuss with your MD which option is best for you. Due to the high risk nature of VBAC’s, SJHS in Plymouth is no longer able to provide VBAC’s through ANY obstetrical provider. Should you choose to pursue a VBAC, you will need an obstetrical provider in South Bend-Mishawaka.


Repeat C-sections used to be looked down upon, however, new research has surfaced that questions the validity of this perspective. According to an Australian study, research revealed that 0.8 percent of women who underwent planned repeat C-sections experienced excessive bleeding, compared to 2.3 percent of women who incurred excessive bleeding after VBAC. Therefore, do not feel pressured into believing there is only one option. Instead, check out the research and remember your personal experiences while making this decision. Consider factors such as the amount of prior C-sections you’ve undergone, your past delivery experiences, and your body’s personal recovery rate. Of course, it is important to stay apprised to the most recent research and to consult with your delivery team, but it is equally imperative not to drown in data and forget your own experiences. Ultimately, if you keep these factors in mind, you can rest assured knowing the decision will be solely based on what’s best for you and your baby.


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Dr Stillson is fellowship trained in obstetrics and can perform your repeat C-section even if he did not perform your first one. If you are pregnant and plan to have a repeat C-section, contact Dr Stillson today!