If you have been considering becoming a surrogate, it is likely that you have been stuck reading through the different regulations and requirements necessary to qualify for a surrogate position/role. Though these stipulations may vary slightly depending on the state of residence, the process of becoming a surrogate does follow a few of the same general guidelines across the board.


Firstly, it’s important to note that surrogates can serve in a couple of different roles. One role a surrogate can serve in is gestational carrier, which is a form of surrogacy focused on helping women who cannot carry a baby. Though a couple may be able to conceive, some pregnancies can be considered high-risk due to genetic factors and medical history. Therefore, a couple may decide it would be best for another to carry their baby. The other common role of a surrogate is to help people who are not able to conceive. This requires the surrogate to donate her own eggs through IUI or IVF. Both of these reasons are excellent ways to help serve couples and individuals considering parenthood!


If you decide surrogacy is a service you would love to offer to prospective parents, it’s important to do your research on the fertility center you’ll be working with. Some general guidelines for surrogate mothers include: legal citizenship, valid driver’s license, and stable living situation. Furthermore, surrogate mothers need to be between the ages of 21 and 40, have a clean criminal record, given birth once before, and live in a surrogate-friendly state without relying on any form of welfare. These are a few of the general stipulations surrogate mothers need to adhere to.


Dr Stillson has experience with supporting surrogate pregnancies, and would be happy to help you with yours. Contact him at www.stillsonwitt.com  for more information. Since Dr Stillson is not a fertility specialist, please note he does not facilitate surrogate pregnancies, he simply cares for them after the conception has occurred.


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