Family Practice-OB physicianIf you are pregnant for the first time and looking for a family Practice-OB physician, we invite you to call our clinic and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to examine you and provide care throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

Being an expectant mother for the first time can be quite stressful, most of all because there is so much changing within the body and the development of the child. The constant change and the unknown is what leads many expectant mothers to be worried and anxious. We help to prevent this by providing detailed information during monthly examinations and by answering questions as they arise. Still, it helps to have some information about what to expect when working with a family practice-OB physician. Below are some things that you should know.

The first appointment usually takes place at about eight weeks

Many women will find out that they are pregnant after only a few days of missing their period. However, the first appointment with a doctor is typically not until eight weeks gestation, or a month after finding out. This is perfectly normal since until eight weeks most women do not experience any major symptoms of pregnancy.

Many things will happen during the examination

Until the end of pregnancy, we will see patients on a monthly basis. A lot happens during these appointments because we will be monitoring the health of both mom and baby.

Some of the things we do during these appointments are:

  • Testing urine. It is common for us to ask for a urine sample so we can make sure there is not a bladder infection that could cause contractions.
  • Checking weight. We keep track of weight throughout the pregnancy to ensure that an expectant mother is gaining enough but not too much weight to cause later health problems.
  • Checking blood pressure. It is important to keep blood pressure at healthy levels throughout the pregnancy and if it is high, this could be sign of a problem like preeclampsia.
  • Listening to the baby’s heartbeat. This is very important and will give us information on how the baby is doing.
  • Taking measurements. We will measure the uterus to see if the baby is growing as it should.
  • Discuss symptoms. We want to know about any symptoms that an expectant mother is facing so that we can provide advice, tips and medical solutions as necessary.

Be prepared to share information

We want to know about everything that an expectant mother is going through, even if it is personal. For example, we need to know about any mucus discharge because that may provide a clue as to when the body is preparing for labor. It is important to be as communicative as possible so that we can provide the best care. Feel free to ask questions, discuss problems and go over anything that is either causing discomfort or nuisance so that we can work to provide solutions.

Talk about future plans

During these appointments, we will provide information about things related to delivery and discuss what an expectant mother’s plans are going to be for it.

For example, it will be necessary to decide:

  • Where the baby will be delivered
  • If any medication will be used and what type
  • Steps that will be taken during the delivery to ease any discomfort
  • Care directives as they relate to the health of the baby and mother
  • Who will be in the room to serve as a coach or support
  • What should be done in the case of an emergency
  • Any specific instructions regarding care of the baby after birth, for example, a circumcision

By writing everything down, it allows for discussions with partners, friends, family and the Family Practice-OB physician so that everyone is on the same page.

Visit our office

We invite you to take the first step by scheduling an appointment with our office. We are happy to answer further questions and provide more information on what to expect from these appointments, pregnancy, labor and delivery at that time.

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