Last week we discussed whether or not family doctors still deliver babies. Though it is true that some family physicians have the necessary credentials to deliver babies, it is important to find out if your particular doctor is also capable of performing a Cesarean section (c-section).


If you have already looked into having your family doctor deliver your baby, take heart in knowing that some family physicians do have the correct qualifications to perform c-sections. Family physicians that perform c-sections have typically completed an OB Fellowship, which represents an extra year of training after their family medicine residency.  During this training they are taught to safely perform surgical obstetrics as well as moderate risk obstetrics. There typically two types of cesarean sections, one is called a “primary c-section” which most commonly occurs after something has prevented a safe natural birth. The primary c-section rate nationally is around 20-30% depending on your location.


The second type of c-section is called an elective repeat c-section.  This has become more common over the years due to various risk management elements associated with attempting a vaginal delivery after a prior c-section.  Family physicians who perform c-sections can perform both a primary and a repeat c-section. Depending on various risk factors, your doctor may ask another doctor to join him/her for your repeat c-section.


It is important for you to be aware that family physicians who have completed an OB fellowship are an option for you as you make your choice about who you want to help deliver your baby.  Dr Stillson has completed an OB Fellowship, has 20 years of OB experience, and would be happy to perform your primary or repeat c-section. Contact him today at DrStillson.com to make an appointment!


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