As a new parent getting ready to bring home your newborn, you may feel unprepared for the transition from the hospital to your house. Perhaps you’re questioning if your nursery is adequately prepared for a newborn, or if you’ll have the time and energy to do everyday household chores like cooking, laundry, etc. Valid as these concerns are, do not fret; in this article, we’ll discuss some of the things parents wish they had known before bringing a baby home.


Perhaps one of the most important bits of parental advice is that you only need the nursery essentials. It can be easy to get swept up in the lies of commercial marketing schemes telling you that you need every possible gadget to ensure a smooth transition home. However, most new parents find that they actually don’t need too many things besides a few of the basics, including a crib/co-sleeper, dresser, breast pump, and a baby monitor. These items, potentially paired with darker shades/curtains, a rocking chair, and a portable changing station, seem to suffice without need for any other gadgets.


New parents also may feel it is important to clear your schedule for the first couple of weeks being home. Do not feel pressured to have people over. The first week or two is a time for you, your spouse, and newborn to bond and grow together as a family. You’ll be busy enough without worrying about hosting any guests, and this is something that family and friends should understand and respect.


With that said, however, if someone offers to help, do not be afraid to say yes! If a friend offers to bring over dinner, or if your parents want to watch their grandchild while you nap, don’t hesitate to accept the offer. Being surrounded by family and friends who want to help you transition is a blessing. Just remember that accepting their help looks quite different than hosting them and waiting on them as your guests.


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