Kangaroo Care is a term used to refer to the process of keeping your newborn as close to your body as possible while still in the stage of infancy. This process is typically done by swaddling or holding the baby close to you, and therefore, is named after kangaroos — who like all marsupials, have a protective pouch for their young. Most commonly, kangaroo care is used for babies who are born prematurely or staying in the NICU because this kind of care benefits the baby more than traditional incubator practices.


One benefit of Kangaroo care is that it often decreases the baby’s stress and crying. In the earliest stages of life, your baby will want to be as close to you as possible, so when separated, he or she will cry more often and experience greater stress. Thus, kangaroo care can greatly reduce your newborn’s stress.


Another benefit of Kangaroo care is that you and your baby will experience greater bonding. Having close skin-to-skin contact with your baby improves the production and release of oxytocin for both you and the baby. This hormone promotes bonding and establishes a “feel good” connection.


Your baby may also experience improved immune system function because of Kangaroo care. Because the baby will be better fed through improved breastfeeding, he/she will likely gain weight easier and be less stressed; both of which improve the immune system’s ability to function.


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